Day 2 of the Unity Gong Relay, From Kalinga to Ifugao

1July 10 – Day 2 of the Unity Gong Relay

From Kalinga to Ifugao

The unity gong journeyed to Ifugao in the morning of July 10 at around 8am. The delegates from the provincial government of Kalinga led the convoy that carried the unity gong.

After around 4 hours of travel, the unity gong reached the boundary of Lamut, Ifugao at around 12 pm. It was then welcomed by the Provincial Government of Ifugao spearheaded by Governor Denis Habawel who was present in behalf of Ifugao to express acceptance of the unity gong. Afterwards, the gong travelled to the provincial capitol in Lagawe.

At the provincial capitol, the ceremonial beating of the gong was held at around 2:20 pm. In his speech, Gov. Habawel affirmed his conviction and assures that the provincial government and members of the community of Ifugao supports the quest for self-determination of the Cordilleras.

The unity gong then stayed overnight at the provincial capitol of Ifguao.