Mine your memories, tell your stories

11083657_512731585534059_4835890098518812111_nMr. Howie Severino of GMA 7 gave this introduction as he shared his expertise as a writer and documentarist to participants of the Write Shop on Cordillera’s Pursuit for Regional Autonomy held March 22, 2015 at Hotel Elizabeth, Baguio City.

In the context of Cordillera’s pursuit for self-determination, most of the historical accounts that highlights the clamor center around the iconic events related to Father Conrado Balweg. However, as the participants, who were former members of the Cordillera People’s Liberation Front (CPLA), Cordillera Bodong Association (CBA), and writers and other witnesses to Cordillera’s struggles for self-determination, shared their stories, it was made clear that there have been events that actually transpired but has never been part of any existing literature until now.

In this light, the Regional Development Council (RDC) – CAR, in partnership with writers, aim to pool witnesses and story tellers to preserve and record these undocumented historical events, and produce written accounts on Cordillera’s struggles for self-determination to be shared, told, and be heard by stakeholders before the memories of the witnesses fade and before the witnesses themselves perish.