(RDC) – CAR hosted a Regional Conference

1BAGUIO CITY – The Regional Development Council (RDC) – CAR through the NEDA-CAR hosted a Regional Conference on the Cordillera and Bangsamoro Autonomy held June 10, 2015 at the Baguio Convention Center.

Some insights elicited from the forum:

Dr. Alex Brillantes on The International Experiences in Politico-Administrative Decentralization and Regional Autonomy
• “Before regions engage in armed insurgencies, there exist politico-administrative remedies.”
• In reference to the two previous Cordillera organic acts, “I will not call it a failure, rather we continue to evolve in search for the appropriate politico-administrative mechanism.”

Dr. Steven Rood on The Historical and Cultural Perspectives on Autonomy for the Cordilleras and the Bangsamoro
• “The Moros although minoritized were not displaced from their land.”
• “The struggle for Cordillera autonomy begins with the Celophil, begins with the Chico River Dam, begins not with the political upheaval of the state but begins with the violation of local control over resources.”

Dr. Santos Jose Dacanay III on The Economic and Financial Aspects of the Cordillera Autonomous
• “The IRA that the LGUs will receive will not be diminished, but the regional government can provide public goods or government services which can benefit the LGUs and the citizens within the municipalities and barangays. We can label it as a subsidy but it is not a direct subsidy.”

Hon. Mauricio Domogon on The Implications on the HB 4649 and other initiatives
• Mayor Domogan said that the BBL stipulates that all the taxes being collected by the national government will be shared 25% to the national government and 75% to the Bangsamoro, and over and above the 75% share of the Bangsamoro, the national government is obligated to provide additional funding for infrastructure projects such as bridges and roads, and over and above those sources of revenue the BBL demands a block grant coming from the national internal revenue, and over and above those revenues, there is a Special Development Fund that amounts to 7 billion for the first year after the effectivity of the BBL.

Further information derived from the interactions by the guest speakers and the participants were aimed to be communicated to a greater audience, mainly in the public hearings of the Cordillera autonomy bill.